How To Start A Pest Control Business–An Insiders Secret

If you are looking for information about how to start a pest control business then you have come to the right place. Pest control businesses can be very lucrative, and they have a built in business model that has been tried and proven. Anyone that asks the questions “how to start a pest control business” should first make sure they can work around the number one obstacle that most new owners face: licensing.

Starting A Pest Control Business Step 1: A Website

One of the first steps you need to do is buy or build a website.  How many times have you gone to search for a business or service and if they aren’t on the web, you select another business you found?  Or maybe you are looking for their website and can’t find them – you click on someone else’s website and give them your business.  We’ll that’s the last thing you want to happen to you.  You want people to take you seriously.  We all take people more seriously when they have a website.

The same goes for a pest control company.  Having pest control websites increases your visibility to consumers looking to use pest control services.  Your pest control website should include a list of your services, your experience, and you can share your promise and guarantee of work, etc.  But if you don’t have a pest control website, you can’t tell people about you and your business and then you will miss out on revenue.  See, people are search all the time for pest control services, in fact their are tons of pest control companies searching for pest control websites.  And if you aren’t there to capture the business with a pest control website, other pest control companies will capture the leads and then gain them as customers.

Now if you are looking to keep costs down you can look into creating your website on your own by finding a pest control website template.  You then go in and put all your own images in and content, adjust as you like, etc.  But be warned…building your own pest control website template is cost efficient but if you are not tech savy it may be a little challenging and can take days to complete.  There is a company that helps pest control businesses get a pest control website for relatively cheap.  They focus on giving pest control businesses all that they need and nothing more, to help keep costs down.  This company is called Pest Start.  Now, if you are looking for a custom pest control website, this can cost you thousands of dollars.  We recommend finding a website for much less than that so that you can keep your costs down and spend your money else where to capture more leads and grow your business.  If you are looking to get a custom website (again, we don’t recommend this unless your business is absolutely killing it and you have extra money to spare), a good company is Crea7ive.

But if you are looking to keep costs down and get a fully functional, cost efficient website, we recommend Pest Start, which is a company that tailors the work specifically to the pest control industry and primarily builds pest control websites.  We recommend going to Pest Start first to see if they can give you what you need at a fraction of the cost.

Second Step:  Licensing

When I first discovered how to start a pest control business I learned that each state has it’s own set of unique laws and regulations, but most of the states require someone with an upper-level pest control license to either be the direct owner of the company or be employed by the company. Generally this form of license will be referred to as the “operator” or “qualifying manager” or “certified applicator.” There are many other names given to it, but it serves essentially the same purpose in each state: it gives the new pest control business the ability to legally operate, and gaurantees to the state that someone with the proper certification is watching over the pest control business.

When someone asks me “how to start a pest control business,” the first thing I do is educate them on the licensing requirements because this is generally the biggest obstacle. Most of the states require two years of verifiable pest control experience to even be able to test for the upper-level license. There is a way to get around this though.

How To Start A Pest Control Business WITHOUT A LICENSE

Starting a pest control business without a license requires you to hire someone who has the needed license. This generally stops would-be entrepreneurs because the cost of hiring a full-time employee from day one is out of the question, but there is another way (continue reading if you are serious about learning how to start a pest control business).

While you are first starting a pest control business you can hire someone to be your “qualifying manager” and then work under their license, but ask them not to come into the office each day. Ask them to be “part time.” This way you only have to pay them a small monthly fee as opposed to thousands of dollars a month. In fact, there is a company I have used in the past that specializes in providing license holders (qualifying managers) to new companies. Their rates are extremely reasonable and they have a network of licensed individuals in every state. Here is the link to check them out: They essentially specialize in helping people that want to learn how to start a pest control business.

How To Start A Pest Control Company: Step 3

Once you get your licensing situation figured out you now need to move into the second phase of starting a pest control business: financing. You can pursue professional lending avenues such as commercial banks–which might issue you a small business loan. You can dip into your own savings, you can borrow from friends and family, or you can even put it on a credit card (this should be your absolute last resort). Starting a pest control business is relatively low risk, and the banks know this, so securing a loan through them is a very real possibility.

The costs associated with starting a pest control business fluctuate depending on the area of the country, but generally you can get a used two-door truck for $7,500, and old power sprayer for under $1,000, and some inventory (pesticides) for $500. I’ve heard of guys starting a pest control business for under ten grande and I think that is a pretty good goal. Stay lean until you start getting customers.

If you are learning how to start a pest control business and you are new to pest control then make sure to pay attention to the next section–pricing.

Pricing Structure For A New Pest Control Company

The most effective pricing strategy for a starting a pest control business (or existing one for that matter) is to set up customers on an annual service that continues to renew until they cancel. Stay away from “one-time” treatments because they just don’t generate enough repeat customers. It costs ten times as much money to find a new customer as opposed to retaining an old one.

Most people that want to learn how to start a pest control business think that they will spray people’s homes once a month. This is a bad idea. The reason why is because home owners like to look at the total yearly cost of their pest control service. Most will pay around $450 for annual pest control. If you are spraying monthly this means each time you spray you gross $37.50.

Instead, if you spray only bi-monthly, and still charge the home owner $450 for the entire year, you earn $75 dollars each time you spray (because you spray only half as much). But there is an even better way: quarterly services. If you spray only once every three months, you can get away with charging $112 dollars for each visit, and the homeowner still only pays $450 for the entire year.

In order to pull this off you have to stress the yearly price, and offer to come inbetween your quarterly visits for FREE if any of their bugs return. People feel good about this and will sign up for quarterly. The most profitable pest control companies in America do quarterly services. Many people that are starting a pest control business do NOT do this strategy and it comes back to bite them when they get low on cash.

Conclusions For How To Start A Pest Control Business

Learning how to start a pest control business is pretty easy. The financing and pricing of your services is fairly straight forward, the biggest problem most new business owners face is definitely the licensing issue. But remember that Pest Start can help you solve that problem. So don’t procrastinate, get started with your new company now! Nothing beats working for yourself, I’ve been doing it for eight years and I absolutely love the freedom, flexibility, and the money.